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4 Office Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs

Guest Author | Louise Doran, managed print services


There are certain things that simply should not be done in the office or in the company of colleagues if you wish to continue commanding respect amongst your co-workers.

In any social situation, there are unspoken rules as to what you can and can’t do and the office is no exception. What’s appropriate when you’re at home or in a bar with some friends is probably not appropriate in the office. This goes for office social events such as Christmas parties as well as the everyday office environment. When with your colleagues in a work-related situation, you should act professionally as you don’t want to get fired or sanctioned for inappropriate behavior.

1. Gossiping

Gossiping can seem like a good way of bonding with co-workers, but it’s not advisable. When you only know someone professionally, it may not be clear where their loyalties lie and the person you gossip about could end up hearing about it. You have to work with these people every day. It’s best not to step on their toes as they might not be willing to help you out down the line when you need them to do something for you.

2. Social Networking

Likewise, avoid writing posts about colleagues, your boss, the office or anything else work-related online as this will come back to haunt you. People have lost their jobs because of posts on their Facebook pages about work. If you want to keep your job, it’s best to keep these observations to yourself – or at least refrain from posting them online!

3. Going Overboard at Office Parties

The wine may be flowing and people may be letting their hair down, but don’t go crazy. Drink sensibly, if at all, and don’t do anything you’ll end up regretting. This includes giving out about your job, coming onto colleagues and getting overly emotional. Stay in control. You’ll lose all respect in the office if you make a fool of yourself after one too many drinks.

4. Inappropriate Clothing

This one will depend largely on company culture in your office, however it’s usually a good idea for women to avoid wearing anything too revealing and for men to avoid going too casual with their work wardrobe. Even if the dress code isn’t strict in your company, dressing the part will make you feel the part and put you in a working mind-set.

In a working environment, you should command a certain level of respect amongst your co-workers, whatever your role in the company. By making any of the above faux pas, it’s pretty much certain that you’ll lose their respect and respect is one of those things you only truly appreciate when you no longer command it. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

This article was written by Louise Doran who works in managed print services.

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