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Archive for: September 2013 Guest

Are Unions Still Necessary In The 21st Century?

This question is an interesting one. I am a manager in charge of quite a few union employees in a massive company. While we have a fairly good relationship with the union, I often find myself wondering whether or not the union is a necessary thing anymore. Most issues covered by unions, and that unions were created to stop, are no longer really issues.


The Awkward Office – When Can You Make Personal Calls at Work?

My mom is not allowed to call me at work. She has my office phone number, but I made her promise to reserve it for emergencies. Of course, her definition of “emergency” differs from mine, and over the years she has been known to call when she’s stuck in traffic, because she saw a baby bunny, and because someone stole a potted plant out of her front yard. I sit at a desk in the middle of an open newsroom, which means my co-workers can hear everything I say in response, such as “Aww, I like bunnies” or “What do you mean you filed a police report? Mom, it’s a plant.”


Forced time off drives pay deal

About 1,200 county workers furloughed for a week in 2009 amid a ballooning budget gap will get the days back as paid time off under a settlement between unions and the County. The agreement could save taxpayers as much as $1.4 million over the alternative were the unions to prevail in allegations to state labor regulators that the forced time off was improperly imposed. A copy of the settlement was not immediately available, but one union leader said it includes a provision that the county could not try to impose furloughs without negotiation again.


For Obamacare to Work, Small Employers Must Embrace Exchanges

In the three years since President Obama signed his health-care overhaul into law, the Affordable Care Act has survived virulent opposition, multiple repeal attempts, and a U.S. Supreme Court challenge led by influential lobbying groups, including the National Federation for Independent Business. Many conservative lawmakers remain firmly opposed: Last week, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) held a hearing in Washington on Obamacare, saying it threatens “to stifle small business growth across all industries” and “provides economic incentives to reduce employee hours and drop health insurance coverage altogether.”


More American workers sue employers for overtime pay

The spread of smartphones has tied more workers to their jobs during off hours. Americans were pushed to their limit in the recession and its aftermath as they worked longer hours, often for the same or less pay, after businesses laid off almost 9 million employees.